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What’s Important to Bill

Most politicians have made their government “service” a full time, well paid occupation – always looking to “do well” (for themselves) instead of “doing good” (for the people).

“I would like to make the county government in Kootenai County a role model for other counties in our state.”

Commissioners and employees of the County need to start being servants of the residents of our county. It’s really not that hard – return phone calls! Work to help people solve their problems. Simplify forms and procedures for access to essential county services.

All the “data diving” and micromanaging by attending endless bureaucratic meetings is useless unless the commissioners’ talk to the people – not just the representatives of special interests.

One county resident tried to get some basic help with a problem she was having, and found herself trapped in an endless maze of voice mails and piles of paperwork. “I have a real issue and I couldn’t get any of the current commissioners to give me anything but “lip service.” She finally called Bill, “the consumer guy.” Her problem is now getting the attention it deserves.

Bill’s conservative beliefs dictate that citizens seeking elected office should be there to serve. Politics is now a business; holding elected office should be a service – NOT a business. Bill wants to serve his fellow citizens. Leadership is about doing the right thing when faced with injustice, regardless of how difficult it is.

Property taxes are out of control. Automatic annual increases are the way lazy politicians and bureaucrats play to special interests. “Foregone” taxes are just a fancy word for slush funds. Sloppy planning and spending are controlling our county government.

Bill moved to Kootenai County in 1999, almost nineteen years ago. The lines at ALL the county DMV offices were horrible. Wait times were as long as an hour to get basic service. Every time an election rolls around, county officials start talking about making the process “more efficient” and less time consuming for the consumers. As soon as the election is over we go back to business as usual. Let’s put an end to this nonsense once and for all.

Commissioners should all be directly accessible, by phone. Commissioners should return EVERY call from residents within 48 hours. All meetings of the County Commissioners should be available live, on our local cable and satellite TV systems.

Commissioners should be paid a per diem fee for their service – not a salary. It’s not a profession – being a County Commissioner is a service to your community.

Concern over rising taxes has Bill calling for an immediate freeze of all property taxes. He is deeply troubled by the upward trajectory of property taxes in Kootenai County and promises to take action once elected.

“They’re going too high, too fast,” said Bill. “We need to freeze property taxes so that we can get a handle on spending and secondly, we need to look at how residents appeal their property valuations. Right now the commissioners are just pulling numbers out of the air instead of using data from an independent professional appraiser.”

Bill is also dead set against using the “slush fund” called foregone taxes, which are by definition previously uncollected taxes.

“I am not sure who dreamed this up but it seems to be a bureaucrat’s dream scenario,” said Bill. “No, no, no. I don’t think so. Taxpayers should never fear that from me.”

Bill believes that the county could be run much more efficiently and operational processes streamlined.

“We have a lot very talented county employees who can’t do their job to the best of their abilities because of micromanagement and policies that don’t make sense,” Bill said. “It’s time to get things running the right way.”

Pointing to the Sheriff’s Department phone system as a problem, Bill believes law enforcement should be accessible to everyone.

“Good luck with their phone system,” he said. “If you have a nonemergency, getting somebody to call you back is next to impossible. Yet, there they are asking for more money, more deputies, more equipment. How many cars of theirs were sitting unused and they wanted new ones? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Handing an $80 million budget doesn’t phase Bill Brooks. He’s overseen hospitals, regional phone companies, and broadcasting businesses.

He knows the importance of the bottom line. To that end, Bill wants to overhaul the budget process at the county and is calling for a “zero-based” approach to setting annual budgets.

“Zero-based budgeting means you start from scratch and go over things instead of blindly adding increases every year,” said Bill. “I am not against paying employees more. But with higher pay, comes high expectations. I am going to demand performance for higher salaries. It has to make sense or we shouldn’t do it.”

Describing North Idaho as paradise, Bill knows it’s essential for law enforcement to get the bad guys and protect citizens from harm.

“We have to safeguard our community,” said Bill. “People should never live in a state of fear. I am a big supporter of law enforcement and many of my closest friends are current and retired law enforcement.”

Gary is one of them.

“I would love to see him in the commissioner’s office,” said Gary, a former Deputy.  “I worked 38 years in law enforcement, so I can say that Bill is a good honest man who is not afraid to speak his mind and go after what’s right. Bill stays on top of stuff.  We need him to look at the things going at the county because many of things are not right.”

Local Architect Mark Latham Weighs in on Building Code Debate. Click link to read letter.

Building Codes ML Architect Letter


 April 13, 2018, CDA Press

 Bill Brooks is absolutely right in his conviction to support and maintain the building permit and inspection process in Kootenai County. I have lived in the 1978 Tax Assessor’s Enforced Plat of Spirit Lake East for 25 years. I urge all residents of District One to support Bill in his candidacy. Commissioners come and go, but the results they impose upon the residents of Kootenai County live on forever. Commissioner Eberlein should go.


Spirit Lake

Kootenai County should not become a “laboratory” for experimenting in attempting to help the homeless of the NW US. SLOW DOWN – Let’s define the terms, determine how many truly homeless live here and then fashion a solution together, if there in in fact a homeless “problem” in our county. We all want to help the less fortunate. Remember – Givers must set limits because often Takers have none.

Bill Brooks for Kootenai County Commission
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If this topic is important to you, please make time to attend one of the upcoming two informational open houses.  They will be Wednesday, May 9, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Anthem Church, 251 W. Miles Ave., in Hayden; and Wednesday, May 23, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Betty Kiefer Elementary in Rathdrum. Let your voice be heard.

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